Schools can use CANS to Expand Mental Health Resource Offerings

Outcomes tracking, decision support, and collaborative treatment matter – and schools are about to learn! Over the last few years we have witnessed an incredible expansion of mental health services and resources offered to children through school systems. From Pennsylvania’s recent [$100 million] TARP funding investment to California’s initiative, a large amount of public funds … Read more

CDR Featured on TCOM’s Youtube Channel – Our Research Brief Surpassed 500 Views!

We may not be as  popular as ‘Baby Shark’ (currently sporting ~13 billion views on Youtube!), however CDR’s video on the use of machine learning to analyze CANS data has earned over 500 views!  Our video has been showcased by the University of Kentucky Center for Innovation in Population Health (The “IPH Center”) aka the … Read more

Allow us to ‘Reintroduce’ Ourselves, with our TCOM Tales from the Collaborative podcast feature!

For those of you who may not know, Community Data Roundtable is an award-winning organization; I was recently featured on TCOM’s Tales from the Collaborative podcast and had the opportunity to chat with producer Tim Fall about my professional journey, which has led to receiving the TCOM Champions Award (you can listen to the 20 … Read more

A Data Talk with Dr. John Lyons on AI

At a recent Community Data Roundtable’s ‘Data Talk,’ Dr. John Lyons shared his insights on both the potential, and possible pitfalls, of emerging artificial intelligence technologies.  John Lyons has been at the forefront of human services data for over 30 years.  Among his relevant accomplishments are inventing the TCOM Assessment Suite (e.g., the CANS, ANSA, … Read more

CDR has a New Website!

We at the Community Data Roundtable are proud to introduce our brand new web page! As a trusted “Data Geneva,” we strive to provide outstanding service to our clients, and operate as the ‘go-to’ data carrier for multi-entity outcomes implementations. Our new website showcases our expertise and services to both new and existing clients. The … Read more

CDR Fall 2022 Conference Recap

Dr. Dan Warren at conference in front of large prints of representative charts

It was a busy fall at Community Data Roundtable. This was our first “Fall Conference Season” since the Covid Lockdowns prompted conferences to host virtually.  It was fascinating to learn how the human services field has addressed the stressors we’re currently all facing.  It was also rewarding to share some of the important cross-system data … Read more