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The DataPool™ is a custom software product used by mental health agencies and health insurance companies. In all implementations it facilitates the highest quality outcomes tracking and decision-support processes.

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People Make the Difference

We recognize that no one goes into community mental health because they want to work with computers, or analyze numbers. But numbers matter, and computers make it possible for us to create healing systems. The question is how to get there.

Our mission is support: not only better support for patients who are assessed and helped with our advanced clinical application, but also for the staff and leadership of agencies moving into a data-driven model.

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Gov. Mental Health Administrators
Behavioral Health Managed Care Organizations
Behavioral Health Agencies
Child Welfare Agencies
Research Initiatives

Latest Updates

Schools can use CANS to Expand Mental Health Resource Offerings

By Dan Warner | January 31, 2024

Outcomes tracking, decision support, and collaborative treatment matter – and schools are about to learn! Over the last few years we have witnessed an incredible expansion of mental health services and resources offered to children through school systems. From Pennsylvania’s recent [$100 million] TARP funding investment to California’s initiative, a large amount of public funds … Read more

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