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A Data Talk with Dr. John Lyons on AI

By Dan Warner | June 9, 2023

At a recent Community Data Roundtable’s ‘Data Talk,’ Dr. John Lyons shared his insights on both the potential, and possible pitfalls, of emerging artificial intelligence technologies.  John Lyons has been at the forefront of human services data for over 30 years.  Among his relevant accomplishments are inventing the TCOM Assessment Suite (e.g., the CANS, ANSA, … Read more

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CDR has a New Website!

By Dan Warner | May 16, 2023

We at the Community Data Roundtable are proud to introduce our brand new web page! As a trusted “Data Geneva,” we strive to provide outstanding service to our clients, and operate as the ‘go-to’ data carrier for multi-entity outcomes implementations. Our new website showcases our expertise and services to both new and existing clients. The … Read more

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