Capital Area – Community Report

The data displayed on these Community Reports is gathered and maintained collaboratively amongst the providers and payers in the participating contracts.  Managing a large scale communimetric outcomes project requires that all levels do their part to:

  1. accurately score the CANS.
  2. score and submit the CANS in a timely manner.
  3. act on the client’s clinical needs and CANS decision support responsibly.
  4. collaborate with other entities as necessary to facilitate optimal and timely care.

CDR works to ensure the four points above, utilizing many mechanisms, some of which we note here:

  1. All CANS Scorers are certified on the CDR CANS-PA, through the web page.
  2. Certification status is monitored by CDR.
  3. Timelines for CANS scoring are prompted by the CDR DataPool application, and their compliance is monitored by both CDR and the payer organizations.
  4. All clinical decisions made by the clinicians are theirs, and theirs alone.  Analyses of system realities through CANS data informs trainings, algorithm improvements, and the like — but all clinical decisions are made independently.

All participating providers are assigned a local CANS expert, who is a point person for communications on CANS improvements, as well as manages some local processes related to timeliness and CANS quality.  The local CANS point person is also trained on printing CANS Outcomes reports for that organization, and on how to interpret the community dashboards. There is regular outreach to providers and payers on emergent issues.  Such issues can be scoring concerns of a particular CANS, or a particular item, odd-ball edge scenarios having to do with process problems, and clarifying the reports, what they mean, and improving them.  Any questions or concerns can always be submitted to us through our support email address: [email protected].

As such, we work to efficiently implement a communimetric system that is collaboratively moving forward, and providing the greatest insights possible on the broad system of care.